The Flying Mongeese

Hobgoblins took my baby away

Or how I learned to stop worrying and love the Warlock.

The adventurers were busy getting drunk, playing poker and getting more drunk when a band of Hobgoblins burst into The Stone Wyvern. It was a quick battle and the party got out of the bar before it was consumed in flames. But the Hobgoblin attack on Brindol was not over. A massive ogre rounded the street corner pulling a cart with casks of roofing tar and two Hobgoblin archers. After dispatching the Ogre and the archers, the party was asked to help defend the bridge, but the attacking army had already retreated.

The next morning Councillor Troy summoned the adventuring party known as The Flying Mongeese to rescue some kidnapped townspeople and return some treasures stolen from The Hall of Great Valor in return for monetary compensation, not to mention their pick of any of the treasure looted by the Hobgoblins.

The Kidnapped

  • Jalissa – female acolyte of Ioun.
  • Sertanian – old castellan of Hall of Valor.
  • Thurann – young son of the captain of the Guard.
  • Mirtala – female cook.
  • Zerriksa – old crone, rumored to be a witch.
  • Adronsius – dwarven alchemist.
  • Kartenix – captain of Guard, father to Thurann.

The Mongeese accepted the deal and went to interrogate Morrik, a captured Hobgoblin. After threatening the Hobgoblin out of earshot of the guards, Morrik drew the party a map to the crypts of Rivenroar and named the leader of the Neo-Red Hand army, Sinruth.

The party successfully navigated the countryside and arrived at Rivenroar, descended down the crypt steps, and dispatched the guards in the foyer of the crypt.



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