Kidnapped Townspeople

Seven of the townsfolk are missing. Taken by Sinruth and the Red Hand. The town council is willing to pay handsomely for brave adventurers to rescue the prisoners and recover the antique treasures taken from the Hall of Great Valor.

The Kidnapped

  • Jalissa – female acolyte of Ioun.
  • Sertanian – old castellan of Hall of Valor.
  • Thurann – young son of the captain of the Guard.
  • Mirtala – female cook.
  • Zerriksa – old crone, rumored to be a witch.
  • Adronsius – dwarven alchemist.
  • Kartenix – the Guard captain, father to Thurann.

The Antiques
Sertanian is the only person with knowledge of the stolen treasures. He will be able to identify the treasures on sight.
The obvious things missing are

  • A Red Hand War Banner
  • A ceremonial platinum sword.

Kidnapped Townspeople

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